12 dpo-BFN

Well today is 12 DPO for me. I woke up two hour earlier than normal due to feeling like my monthly had started.. I went ahead and took my temp, and it was lower than what I had been running. I’m just going to disregard it in my app, due to it being taking earlier than usual. I went to bathroom, decided to take a pregnancy test anyways. Negative.. but I didn’t start my monthly, so that a plus. I know I’m still testing too early, but I see so many other people that get their positive test early..

I just feel like I’m going to start anytime. I’m feeling crampy. My back hurts. My breasts are sore. I’m so emotional. I’m frustrated. I just wanted to stay home from work but todays Friday so I figured I’d just suck it up and go.

Please pray for me as I wait this cycle out.


This TWW is killing me..

Today is 5dpo (days past ovulation). The past three days have been very anxiety filled. I don’t know why I do this to myself. Every little thing I feel that’s different, I Google to see if it is a symptom of pregnancy. I’m going CRAZY! There is no way possible I would be feeling anything yet. I hoping to hold out until 10dpo to test, but I know I’ll start testing at 7-8 DPO. I have been watching tons of YouTube videos, and all over different TTC boards/forums, trying to keep my mind sane.  I am trying not to get my hopes up but still stay positive at the same time. My BBT is still looking pretty good.  I just feel like it would take a miracle for this first medicated round to work.

Please keeping following along with me in this journey.


Positive OPK! on CD 17

Finally, I got a positive OPK. Like blazing positive. I have been testing since CD 10 with Clearblue advanced digital and internet cheapies. From CD 10 until CD 16, I had negative cheapies. With the Clearblue I got two days of blank circle, then 6 day of flashing smiley then on CD 17, I got a positive cheapie and peak solid smiley on Clearblue. We have been DTD every other day since CD8. I’ve been talking my temp with a oral thermometer and using the YONO thermometer. I have had some intense cramping as well, so I’m praying I am actually going to ovulate.

Asking for prayers for a BFP this month!!!

YONO in-ear Thermometer

I received the YONO in-ear Thermometer to try out. <!– Here is the basic information from the website. YONO is an easy to use, comfortable silicone-encased earpiece (similar to an ear bud) which is worn all night. Data is collected multiple times to determine lowest BBT and the data syncs when the earbud is stored in the base station the next morning. After a night of wearing YONO, users connect it to their smartphones and data automatically syncs to the iOS application. The YONO app uses the readings to plot a monthly BBT chart, which analyzes the data and predicts the monthly fertile window.

I tried it out for the first time last night. My first impression is that it’s a lot easier than having to wake up to take your temperature  in the morning! The ear piece comes with three different size buds to fit your ear. It will take some getting used to but I think it will be a lot more accurate than taking an oral temp.

I will continue to use it this cycle and see how well its works at detecting ovulation.


You can check it out on https://www.yonolabs.com/

CD1 TTC Baby #2 Femara 5mg

Today is CD1! Finally..

I went last Tuesday to my RE, after being on Metformin and Actos since September. I took my BBT chart with me, and sat down with him regarding the next steps to having baby #2. Since I hadn’t started a new cycle yet, he prescribed me birth control instead of Provera to induce my period. I took it for the 7 days, and finally started my new cycle today!

I am to take Femara 5 mg starting days 3-7. Then start checking for ovulation using an ovulation predictor kit (OPK)and start having intercourse every other day starting cycle day 10.

With my sons first birthday and first angelvasary  coming up next weekend, I’m glad I have some good things happening. Praying for a GREAT 2017.


Starting this Blog

Hello everyone. My name is Stephanie, I am 26 years old. I have started this blog to document mine and my husbands journey of trying to conceive baby number two, after losing baby number one in January 2016. I have been diagnosed with PCOS since 2006. So please, keep coming back to visit to follow along in the journey as well as learn about our past struggles.