12 dpo-BFN

Well today is 12 DPO for me. I woke up two hour earlier than normal due to feeling like my monthly had started.. I went ahead and took my temp, and it was lower than what I had been running. I’m just going to disregard it in my app, due to it being taking earlier than usual. I went to bathroom, decided to take a pregnancy test anyways. Negative.. but I didn’t start my monthly, so that a plus. I know I’m still testing too early, but I see so many other people that get their positive test early..

I just feel like I’m going to start anytime. I’m feeling crampy. My back hurts. My breasts are sore. I’m so emotional. I’m frustrated. I just wanted to stay home from work but todays Friday so I figured I’d just suck it up and go.

Please pray for me as I wait this cycle out.


This TWW is killing me..

Today is 5dpo (days past ovulation). The past three days have been very anxiety filled. I don’t know why I do this to myself. Every little thing I feel that’s different, I Google to see if it is a symptom of pregnancy. I’m going CRAZY! There is no way possible I would be feeling anything yet. I hoping to hold out until 10dpo to test, but I know I’ll start testing at 7-8 DPO. I have been watching tons of YouTube videos, and all over different TTC boards/forums, trying to keep my mind sane.  I am trying not to get my hopes up but still stay positive at the same time. My BBT is still looking pretty good.  I just feel like it would take a miracle for this first medicated round to work.

Please keeping following along with me in this journey.


Positive OPK! on CD 17

Finally, I got a positive OPK. Like blazing positive. I have been testing since CD 10 with Clearblue advanced digital and internet cheapies. From CD 10 until CD 16, I had negative cheapies. With the Clearblue I got two days of blank circle, then 6 day of flashing smiley then on CD 17, I got a positive cheapie and peak solid smiley on Clearblue. We have been DTD every other day since CD8. I’ve been talking my temp with a oral thermometer and using the YONO thermometer. I have had some intense cramping as well, so I’m praying I am actually going to ovulate.

Asking for prayers for a BFP this month!!!